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Anna Pochmara
Bored Again: Acceleration, Anxiety, and Boredom in Late Modernity

Mariusz Finkielsztein
Consumer Boredom: Boredom as a Subliminal Mood of Consumer Capitalism

Arturo Corujo
A Jacket Not Worth Looking At: Shipboard Boredom on Board Herman
Melville’s Neversink

Anna Ferrari 
Not Moving While the World Falls Apart: Living in Quotes in John Weir’s The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket

Zuzanna Ladyga
Acedia and David Foster Wallace’s The Pale King

David Callahan
Boredom, Cohesion, and Transformation in Nick Drnaso’s Beverly

Mark Pedretti
Tedium and Terror: Dreading Narration in Colson Whitehead’s Zone

Victoria Musvik 
“Boring Photography”: American New Topographics, Socialist Boredom, and Post-Soviet Deadpan Photography

Anna Pochmara
Excessive Stimulation, Sense of Meaninglessness, and Boredom in Sam Levinson’s Euphoria

Beata Zawadka
The Un/Bearable Lightness of (Slow) Watching: Audiovisual Boredom as Stimulation

Łukasz Muniowski
Oprah, Meghan, Harry, Pseudo-Events, and a Quick Fix to Boredom

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